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Christi Willson testimonial
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"Sean Ross is one of the top up and coming strength coaches in the business. Sean is constantly working to improve his athletes and improve the quality of his programming. If you want cutting edge training in Little Rock, get to Ross Strength and Speed."
--MIKE BOYLE, World renowned strength and conditioning expert and, owner of Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Boston, MA and now Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Red Sox
"I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Coach Ross in Dublin, Ireland for our Phase 1 Performance Mentorship in 2013. Sean Ross has a thirst for continuing his education, personal well-being, and enhancing industry relationships. Coach Ross, has the same passion as when I met him at MBSC in 2009. His desire to be a strong resource to his athletes and clients makes learning and working with Sean over the years enjoyable!"
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Training with Sean Ross allowed me to take my ability and maximize my performance on the field. Sean's exceptional training and nutrition regiment put me in the best shape of my life. I increased my strength, speed, and weight while dropping body fat. Now as a coach myself, I continue to seek mbined knowledge, continuing education, and years of experience, you would be absolutely wrong to train anywhere else in central Arkansas.
--TYLER WEDDLE, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) for Arkansas Razorback Football
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Ross Strength and Speed has been a game changer for the Central Wrestling Team. The guys have been guided by Coach Sean Ross through pre, intra, and post season. We were able to lift through the entire season. While most teams either donít lift at all or quit lifting in the season, we just kept getting stronger. It seems like every week, we get even stronger. Looking forward to another season with RSS.
-Aaron Butler
Head Wrestling Coach
Little Rock Central High
Ranked 4th in the State, 2019

"Coach Ross and I have been working together to grow rugby in Central Arkansas for over 20 years I asked him to head our Rugby Academy's Strength program because he dedicates himself to education about the latest trends, and looks to continually strive for excellence with our players. Athletes that have advanced to the Olympic Training Center are some of the most prepared for the rigors of International play compared to their peers, thanks to Coach Ross and his approach."

Julie McCoy
US Olympic Women's Rugby Head Coach and Coach of the 2015 National Club 7s Champions

I have been coming to RSS for three years. RSS provides a judgment free and supportive environment. People come to train here for a variety of different reasons. Whether training to lose weight, or to train & enhance athletic performance, Sean Ross personally helps everyone get better. From training in weight rooms at Penn State, RSS is the only gm that Iíve gone to that reaches the quality of training at a D1 school. There is more equipment and personal interaction with trainers here than gyms all over the country.

Sophie Pyrz

Penn State Rugby



"In 2013, I tore my MCL while playing in a soccer tournament in Oklahoma. After 6 weeks in a brace and 6 weeks of physical therapy, I went back to RSS. I was very familiar with the program, as I had trained there previously. Sean reassured me that he would work with me and get me back to where I needed to be for soccer, with special attention given to my injured knee. After 10 weeks, I have gained physical strength and speed, confidence, and I am back out on the field. It is an incredible program, hard work and dedication is a must, but the results speak for themselves. It is very difficult, in fact, it is not for everyone. The emphasis here is just like the name says, Strength and Speed. Every exercise is geared towards this. Sean is there every step of the way, watching everything I do so it is done correctly. I highly recommend RSS for the dedicated athlete! I have started the next program and will continue to do so until college next year. Thank you Sean!"

Kristen Howell, Soccer
Mount St. Mary Academy Varsity Soccer Team
NWA Comets U17 Girls Team, Ranked #22 Region 3; #130 Nationally
2010 - Tulsa Red Dirt Classic Tournament MVP Award
2010 - 2012 AR ODP College Combine
2012 - AR ODP Showcase Team
2012 - All Conference Award (MSM)
2013 - All State Award (MSM)
2013 - AR Dem-Gazette Preps Award
Committed to John Brown University for 2015

Update from Kristen:
Coach Sean has been such a great help the past 4+ years. With 2 torn ACLís due to college soccer at John Brown University, he has helped me every step of the way, gain muscle, strength, speed and confidence and I am a senior now and stronger than I was before my surgeries. Best coach ever!

Kristen Howell
JBU Womenís Soccer

Several years ago (Fall 2014) I was getting ready to head into the last semester of my senior year in high school. A really good friend of mine invited me to RSS where she had been working out for several years, and Iíve loved every second since. I had never been truly exposed to the benefits of weightlifting until that point in my life. The following spring I found myself being invited to represent the U.S. ODP Region III Soccer Team in a tour throughout Mexico, and was able to sign with Lyon College to play soccer and continue my education. Years later, this program has been integral in maintaining and progressing my development as an athlete and soccer player. I now get the joy of representing L.R. through my playing on the LR Rangers, a local semi-pro soccer team. This year, my team & I were able to secure our teamís first Conference Championship and made it to the ďelite eightĒ of the NPSL National Tournament. I certainly am indebted to Sean and his fantastic program. Thank you for all youíve done for me and my life, Coach.

Much Love,
Nick Vasquez
Little Rock Rangers

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"Ross Strength and Speed has helped me to develop into a well rounded athlete and has prepared me for college football. RSS taught me the importance of technique in lifting weights and helped me increase my strength greatly in the 6+ months I trained there. I was able to gain 27 pounds of muscle while improving my speed and quickness. I'm glad I chose RSS and recommend it to others as well."

Spencer Keith
Arkansas high school record setting quarterback and winner of the 2008 Lander's Award for the State's Most Outstanding Player, the starting quarterback for the Kent State Golden Flashes and an all time leading passer in Kent State University history


"Sean, I want to let you know how much I appreciate all you are doing for Cole. He has gotten faster and more agile than I would have ever imagined at this point. He called and told me he just tested out at 4.8 in the forty. My goal is to get him to 4.6 by his senior year at Catholic. I think he will probably end up around 6'3" - 6'5" and we need to keep putting size and strength on him without sacrificing speed. I was 6'3" and 215 lbs when I graduated high school and his mother is tall so I think he has it in him. He definitely has the desire and the discipline and I think with your help we can get him to be one of the top quarterbacks in the state by his senior year. Once again thanks and all credit to your system!" (July 2012)

Pitt Moore
Father of Cole Moore, Quarterback at Catholic High, Little Rock, AR


"As a former walk on who earned a scholarship for the University of Arkansas, I know what it takes to gain the respect of your coaches and team mates.  Being strong/explosive in the weight room and fast on the field is a major component.  I coached with Sean Ross, and trained with him before taking a job as a Razorback strength and conditioning coach.  His emphasis on learning the correct techniques of explosive lifts such as the clean and snatch separates himself from all other coaches in central Arkansas.  Our system we use at the U of A goes hand in hand with RSS!  I recommend to all high school athletes looking to get stronger and faster to go to Ross Strength and Speed."

John William Durmond
Assistant Strength Coach at the University of Arkansas


 "If you want to play big time ball you have to train like it.  Curls and bench presses alone won't get you there, RSS will.  I know what it takes to excel at the next level, and Ross Strength and Speed mimics the same work ethic, exercise programing, and intensity that I used to be a starter at the University of Arkansas.  I train there myself and know that no place in Little Rock will make you a better athlete than RSS!"

Matt Harris
Former safety for the Arkansas Razorbacks

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"Sean, Shelli and I appreciate the positive impact that your program has made on the lives of Andrew and Caroline. Your program has provided them the tools and knowledge to live healthy and physically fit lives.
Caroline was a 7A Central All Conference Volleyball selection during her Sophomore and Junior years. Not bad for a 5'4" outside hitter. We are looking forward to an exciting senior year.
Thanks for all that you do." (July 2012)

John Dominick
Father of Caroline and Andrew Dominick who have trained at RSS multiple years


Having torn my ACL 3 times playing basketball I believed my knees would never be 100% again. Having worked with Ross through my latest rehab he has proven my assumption wrong. Both my knees feel better than ever and I owe that to Ross. Not only has the strength in my knees improved but my entire body strength has improved as well.

Duncan Diaz
Rhodes Basketball

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"I play volleyball today at a much higher level as a result of the explosive training at RSS."

Jessica Anderson

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"As I started competing at a higher level, I felt I needed to be stronger to have an edge on my opponents. Ross Strength and Speed gave me more than that. Not only did I get stronger, I also felt my technical abilities improved as well as my athleticism. I can't imagine competing anymore without the preparation I get at RSS." (July 2012)

Mark Sniff
Nationally ranked in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


"When I returned from being a contestant on THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER, I realized I needed to be quicker, stronger, and more explosive in order to succeed as a professional MMA fighter. After training with Sean at Ross Strength and Speed for only six weeks, I saw results in power and hand speed that I thought weren't possible in that time and won my fight at the Ultimate Fighter Finals in Las Vegas. I will continue to train with Sean for my upcoming UFC fights and am recommending him to all my fighters at Westside MMA."

Roli Delgado
UFC fighter


"For a long while I had heard great reviews about Sean Ross and his training methods for competitive atheletes. For me, word of mouth far outweighs elaborate advertising or tv-commercials. After training with Sean, my explosiveness and conditioning quickly improved and day by day it continues to get better. He is an essential part of my training camp in preparation for fights. Cannot recommend him more!!"

Josh Black

RSS has become the missile link in my athletic performance. Coach Rossís in depth knowledge and understanding of what the modern athlete requires to excel in their sport is invaluable. His dedication to my development has been unwavering. Aside from adding strength, power, balance and explosiveness my injury avoidance has allowed me to train harder on the mat with less missed training days. He was also paramount in my injury recovery post surgery.

Mitch Hall
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Black Belt
Westside MMA

Coach Sean Ross has been a tremendous help giving me all the tools I need to improve my overall athletic performance. From explosiveness, balance, endurance, and injury prevention and nutrition, Seanís expertise is much appreciated.

Aaron F. Talley
BJJ Purple Belt

Coach Ross has been instrumental in my development into a BJJ Black Belt.

Andy Phonsavadty
BJJ Black Belt
Andy-Before Andy-After

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"Thank you for all you do. Mitch has started to become an athlete. He has gotten a lot stronger and faster. He loves going to workout at your gym and has a more athletic positive attitude. I only wish I had started him earlier. This is the best choice in sports he has ever made. Thanks again."

Allen Powers
Father of CAC baseball standout Mitchell Powers

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Jay Jennings won the state championship in the mile in his age group (55-59) and set a PR by running 5:59.16 at the Go! Mile in June. "Training regularly at Ross Strength & Speed," he says, "has made me a faster, more efficient and, best of all, injury-free runner."
"As a runner, I have seen quantifiable results by training at Ross Strength and Speed. I knocked 15 minutes off my previous best marathon time and recently set a new PR in the half marathon. There are no crazy fitness fads at RSS; you will learn time-tested techniques in a safe and fun environment. Thanks, Sean for helping me get fitter and faster than I have ever been." (July 2012)

Jay Jennings, 56

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"Before I started training at RSS I used to run long distance, walk and play tennis. After many years of doing the same routine, I found that I was no longer seeing results in my tennis game or my fitness level. My endurance suffered and I had little power to hit the ball. Since training at RSS, I have seen many improvements in my tennis performance. My shots have much more power and I am quicker on the court. I get into positions quicker and stay balanced when hitting the ball due to my improved core strength. I am now a 5.0 rated player as a result of my improvements! I credit Sean with the progress I have made. Sean not only encourages and motivates the athletes to train hard, but also educates them on proper nutrition for performance and health. Competition is a key factor in my life. Every workout at RSS I am competing with myself to improve from previous workouts. I love it! When I first started strength training there I was a little concerned that I would bulk up. I actually lost 10 pounds, am much leaner, and fit into clothes I haven't been able to wear in many years!"

Montserrat Flores, 5.0 Tennis Player

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Thomas Maher-Before and After

"January 26, 2015 at 2:47 PM was the date and time I took the oath to defend our country until the day I die. Ever since then, I have been training with Ross to become the best soldier I can be. Coach Ross, you have helped me become the stronger man that I am today. I have gained 19 lbs of muscle in the 13 weeks I have worked with Ross and I am in the best shape of my life!
Thanks Coach! Can't wait to see how strong you can get me!"

Thomas Maher, 17


"Wanted to write you to give you an update on basic training and express my extreme gratitude for you and all you have done for me in training with you. The physical aspect so far has a complete breeze thanks to you and Jim. On monday, we took our first army physical fitness test. We get 2 minutes for pushups, 2 for situps, and theres a 2 mile run. I repped out 69 pushups (scores at 93), 72 situps (scores at 89), and ran the two mile in 13:52 (scores at 90). It put me at a total score of 272 and a 91 average. My superiors were really impressed, especially since my lean body weight was so much more than they usually see. Anyway, thanks again for putting me on the right path to training. I look forward to getting back into Ross Strength and Speed when I get back home. "

Trey Burch
US Army

I am a 3 time National Physical Fitness Champion and RSS helped me claim the 3rd championship. My shuttle for time decreased by .5 seconds to within 6 tenths of a second off of a perfect time. My broad jump increased over a foot. Now I am in Naval ROTC at OU & I have been able to keep training w/RSS workouts & have scored a 299/300 combat fitness test and a 295/300 PFT. Without Ross I would not be anywhere close to where I am at today strength wise or speed & endurance wise.

Robert Donahue
3x CHS National Champ

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Interning at RSS has been one of the best experiences Iíve made, career & training wise. I lifted here or 2 years before I interned & my only regret is that I didnít train here sooner. He was also a great benefit to me as I was learning form him while I was studying exercise science at the University of Central Arkansas! Coach Ross not only gave me a leg up in the classroom, he also made time for my personal fitness goals. I gained 30lbs of muscle (165-195) over the 3 years Iíve trained here & Iíll never forget that. If youíre serious about training, Coach Ross @RSS is the place to be.

Thanks again, Coach!
Connor Goshien

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Sarah Timmons-Before and After

"I started Ross Strength and Speed after having shoulder surgery and going through Physical Therapy. I had always wanted to check this gym out but never had the guts. I figured it was time to get serious with my fitness and change my lifestyle. I wasn't happy with my physical or mental state. Thanks to Coach Ross, I now know how to eat for health, body composition, and performance. I have lost 20 lbs so far and the training has made me feel confident with my shoulder again. I am stronger and in better shape than I have ever been. I can tell a huge difference in my body, both physically as well as improved self confidence. I don't get as tired as I used to. I'm sleeping better. I don't get sick as much and am much sharper mentally as well! Overall, I simply feel better with every aspect of my life! Most importantly, I am happy and can't wait to reach new fitness goals."

Sarah Timmons, 27

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"A year ago I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back, causing me terrible sciatic nerve pain and loss of strength in my left leg. Rather than surgery, I opted to endure the healing process and hope to regain the full use of my leg. When my doctor suggested starting a strength training program, my first call was to Sean Ross. Sean trained our two sons during their high school athletic years and we had confidence in him. Sean began by working with me one on one, then introduced me to his adult training class. This was scary stuff for me. I had never done intense strength training and each class was a challenge, but I was determined. If I couldn't do what the class was doing, Sean gave me a similar movement to match my ability. It paid off when I realized I was feeling better for the first time in months. My leg was much stronger (I could even hop!) and the nagging nerve pain was almost gone. When I modified my eating habits (again guided by Sean), I felt even better. Now a year later, I feel I am winning the battle. I look forward to each workout and am always inspired by my fellow workout partners. Sean consistently changes our routine to challenge us all to achieve a higher level of fitness. I am grateful to be developing a healthier lifestyle and hope to continue for years to come."

Martha Morris, 56

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Mike Kelley-Before and After

"April 19, 2011: I was feeling at rock bottom, no energy, not able to sleep properly, guzzling a half dozen energy drinks to be able to keep up my hectic work schedule. My weight had peaked at about 280 lbs, and I managed to drop some weight by diet alone, but I was at a sticking point, I was in need of a significant life change. On this lucky day, I stumbled across a social media post from Roli Delgado that would change my life. Roli is aprofessional MMA fighter, martial arts instructor and in fantastic shape, and on that day he posted a rave review about Ross Strength and Speed. I checked out their website and called my wife, who encouraged me to make the call. I can admit I was a little embarrassed when I first called, but Sean Ross listened to my story and asked questions about my current state and goals. I asked if he ever trained fat guys of if they focused on only athletes, and Sean told me to be at his gym that afternoon. The first day was surprisingly comfortable and I was made to feel at home, In spite of the fact that I was clearly the only one out of shape in the group. Sean did an amazing job of keeping me motivated and tailoring the exercises to meet the fitness level of each person in the class.
When I started training at Ross Strength and Speed my goal was to get healthy, but to not be yet another "skinny fat guy"....the person who drops weight via running and an unbalanced diet, so they end up looking like someone put the wrong size skin on their skeleton, or perhaps like a human Shar Pei. I wanted to go from Fat to Fit, to have real functional strength, to be able to move my body and to have healthy bones and joints. The experts at RSS focus on form, balance, and working the body through different angles/planes of movement. My joints actually feel much better today, I am sleeping better and have not touched an energy drink in a long time. I must also confess that it is nice to be able to get off the couch without any grunting. I can look back at how my training levels have seamlessly evolved over time, new exercises added as I progressed, and always keeping my workouts so that they pushed my limits but never exceeded them.
I went to see my doctor for my annual checkup a few weeks ago and he kept telling me how proud he was, asking for details about what I have been doing, and that he was impressed with my progress. My blood pressure, cholesterol and other tests were "perfect". I am currently down 45 lbs since starting at RSS, but more importantly than the number on the scale, is how I feel.
RSS does not have a lobby with fresh cut flowers, or fancy locker rooms, what it does have are all the tools and experience you need to optimize your fitness level no matter what your current level of conditioning is. When I started I could barely do a half dozen pushups, but now I am able to run sled drills with athletes a third of my age. I still have plenty of room for progress, but I am enjoying the journey. I have resisted the temptation to post until now, as I was focused on my progress and not wanting to seem boastful. I decided to write about my experience, and share the best-kept fitness secret in Arkansas. If you know of something that can help change peoples lives, I think that sharing that information is almost a moral obligation.
Sean and team allowed me to give my mother a great Christmas present last year. My gift was the knowledge that her son was taking care of his body for her to not worry that she will outlive her child. I can say that it was an amazing experience and probably the best gift I have ever given her." (July 2012)

Mike Kelley
Network Consulting Engineer

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Jay Jennings won the state championship in the mile in his age group (55-59) and set a PR by running 5:59.16 at the Go! Mile in June. "Training regularly at Ross Strength & Speed," he says, "has made me a faster, more efficient and, best of all, injury-free runner."
"As a runner, I have seen quantifiable results by training at Ross Strength and Speed. I knocked 15 minutes off my previous best marathon time and recently set a new PR in the half marathon. There are no crazy fitness fads at RSS; you will learn time-tested techniques in a safe and fun environment. Thanks, Sean for helping me get fitter and faster than I have ever been." (July 2012)

Jay Jennings, 56

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