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About Sean Ross

Sean's book, Functional Weight Gain for Athletes
is now available online at Barnes and Noble.

Functional Weight Gain for Athletes by Sean Ross

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Mission Statement

1.  To provide the best opportunity possible for a person to maximize his or her athletic potential helping them achieve goals in strength, speed, body composition, power, etc.

2.  To provide excellent coaching with special emphasis on correct exercise technique, which in turn will minimize the chances of injury while training and ultimately in their sport

3.  To educate RSS clients on the most effective methods of training, diet, etc that will provide them with lifelong knowledge to improve their overall health and quality of life.

4.  To provide  systematic, progressive exercise programs based off years of experience and constant learning from the most knowledgeable coaches and medical professionals.  The programs will be tailored to each trainee's goals, age, and abilities.

5.  To provide a challenging but fun training experience that will lead to encouraged progress and increased self esteem as well as physical improvement.