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About the Program

NEW this year and NOW available:
   - LASER TIMED SPEED MONITORING for speed development


The program is 10 WEEKS long and divided into progressive stages. These stages will allow the athletes to develop their skills at a pace that will improve their performance as well as decrease the incidence of injury in sporting or recreational pursuits.

There are three workout sessions per week, each lasting approximately one and a half hours.

The first segment of every session focuses on:

Flexibility Torso training
Speed Development Strength and Explosiveness
Conditioning Power
Agility Acceleration/Deceleration
Movement Mechanics Balance

The second segment of a session focuses on strength-training to improve performance. Athletes will learn and perform correct explosive weightlifting movements (cleans, snatches, etc.) as well as front squats, bench presses, and many more functional strengthening exercises.

Nutritional information will be a major emphasis for those needing to pack on muscle or to lose a few pounds.

What separates Ross Strength and Speed (RSS) from the competition is the attention to coaching excellent training technique. We actually spend time coaching and educating our clients so they will have solid technique that will be with them for a lifetime. Where others may choose easier machine-type exercises that require little or no coaching, RSS prides itself in having their clients learn and perform exercises (such as the Olympic lifts) better than anyone else. No other facility in the Little Rock area emphasizes quality and safety in training...PERIOD!

With the experience of over 25 years as an Occupational Therapist and by integrating the most effective exercise progressions, it is assured that progress will continue to be made toward high level performance after Physical Therapy sessions have ended. Excellent results in post surgical ACL repairs, rotator cuff surgeries, fracture repairs, etc. are accomplished at RSS. This program is endorsed by Dr. Eric Gordon of ARKANSAS SPECIALTY ORTHOPEDICS and recommended by several others in the medical field.

No age is too old to train if the program is specifically designed with the person's medical history and physical limitations in mind. With over 25 years of Occupational Therapy and personal training experience, Coach Ross has literally reversed the aging process and greatly enhance the quality of life for clients well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Client move better, feel better, become stronger, and look forward to training with this individualized program.

Senior Training Program
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These adult group sessions are held twice a week and are a less aggressive version of the regular athletes groups with more emphasis on fat loss, flexibility/mobility, and strength training exercise techniques that will minimize injury. A great "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" program for general health and fitness.

For those adults wanting to train more than 2x a week and with a more individualized program than the adult group training, this option will include program design for a month block and tweaked every 4 weeks based off the clients goals. The client can train whenever he/she likes to accommodate busy work or travel schedules. This program also includes individualized nutritional programming. The Advanced Adult Program is a great system for those highly motivated adults wanting to maximize their potential in performance or body composition.

The personal training program is geared for those that need to be pushed or those that want to get more comfortable with the training system before moving on to other RSS programs. The sessions are 30 minutes long, 2-3x a week for $200 a month based on availability and include individualized nutritional programming.

Coach Ross is one of a select few in Arkansas that have completed John Berardi's Precision Nutrition Certification Course, considered by many to be the best sports nutrition educational course there is. Your current eating and supplement program will be reviewed and modifications made to maximize your potential in performance, body composition, and general health. Regular adjustments will be made based off of progress towards goals or lack of. Nutrition is a primary factor in fitness progress but most have no idea which plan to follow when they're are countless ones to choose from. RSS takes the guesswork out and puts you on a path that can literally change your life.