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About Sean Ross
FMS Certified
Pn Certified Level 1 Coach
USA Weightlifting Certified
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Training with Sean Ross allowed me to take my ability and maximize my performance on the field. Sean's exceptional training and nutrition regiment put me in the best shape of my life. I increased my strength, speed, and weight while dropping body fat. Now as a coach myself, I continue to seek out his advice in training our collegiate athletes. With his combined knowledge, continuing education, and years of experience, you would be absolutely wrong to train anywhere else in central Arkansas.
-TYLER WEDDLE, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) for Arkansas Razorback Football

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Coach Ross has attended numerous mentorships at world renowned Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Boston, MA which was voted the #1 GYM in America by Men's Health Magazine in 2010.
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ROSS STRENGTH & SPEED (est. 2003) was formed to provide excellent training to athletes and fitness enthusiasts ages 13 and up. RSS has earned a reputation of turning bench warmers into starters, and starters into All-State athletes that earn college scholarships. Adults reach fitness levels that they never thought were possible through safe but progressively challenging training methods.


RSS is dedicated to helping those that want to maximize their potential in athletics or everyday life... from the 13 year old athlete trying to make the team to the nurse, policeman, aircraft mechanic, etc. that wants to maximize their income producing work years by staying as healthy as possible.
RSS will design personalized programs tailored to the individuals goals and around past medical histories.
Emphasis is on teaching specific training, movement, nutrition, and recovery methods necessary to make one a high performance individual.
What you will find are highly knowledgeable coaches that emphasize exceptional technique in an environment that promotes hard work and self improvement.
Our athletes not only become better on the field or court, they become the most technically sound lifters of their schools and learn exercise skills that will last a lifetime.
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"I had the pleasure of re-connecting with Coach Ross in Dublin, Ireland for our Phase 1 Performance Mentorship in 2013. Sean Ross has a thirst for continuing his education, personal well-being, and enhancing industry relationships. Coach Ross, has the same passion as when I met him at MBSC in 2009. His desire to be a strong resource to his athletes and clients makes learning and working with Sean over the years enjoyable!"

-Nicole Rodriguez, coach at ATHLETES PERFORMANCE

"I recommend Ross Strength and Speed to anyone wanting to improve their athleticism, change their physique, and reduce their chances of injury on the field or court. Their attention to teaching proper exercise technique insures parents of young athletes that they will learn safe lifting form that is often overlooked in school workouts. I not only recommend RSS to others, I train there myself!"

-Dr. Eric Gordon, Fellowship trained in Sports Medicine, Arkansas Specialty Orthopedics and team physician for Catholic High School

"Sean Ross is one of the top up and coming strength coaches in the business. Sean is constantly working to improve his athletes and improve the quality of his programming. If you want cutting edge training in Little Rock, get to Ross Strength and Speed."

-Mike Boyle, World renowned strength and conditioning expert and, owner of Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Boston, MA and now Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Red Sox